Mystia Creations Gallery
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    These two complimenting pieces of Quebec Maple tree trunk have been professionally polished on the cut sides and edges, revealing the majesty of the the grain in each piece while leaving the outer portion available in it's natural state. Inspired by the Hubble Space Telescopes picture of a star forming region in the Eagle Nebula, the Super Seven and Amegreen crystals represent the birth of new stars, perhaps the stars that created the elements from which the aspects of these sculptures, the trees and crystals were themselves created.Finished with natural Tung oil these two sculptures represent visually, imaginatively, literally the forces of Creation…..expressed.
    This magnificent specimen of Ponderosa Pine, created in the semi-arid mountains of Southern British Columbia reflects the rugged beauty of the landscape for which it is perfectly adapted. The fire it depends upon to create the next generation is represented by the light that illuminates the Citrine, Green and Purple Amethyst, displayed in beautiful contrast to the weathered Ponderosa just as the Ponderosa defies the elements of its mountain home.
    Set with the 'Breath of the White Dragon', white quartz, in combination with citrine and selenite, this wonderful Juniper stump has been preserved with polishing and oil of the Tung tree as a stunning reminder of the beauty of our natural world. The Inuksuk, carved by Josie Sala, of Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, Canada represents the human connection to all that is, our recognition of the One in all of It's magnificent temporary separateness.
  4. What Lies Above
    What Lies Above
    The Amegreen crystal beautifully lends the balance of vibration it is of the crown, third-eye and heart chakras, to this simply elegant representation of 'that which is above'. The half round of Quebec Maple has been carefully polished to reveal the subtle elegant grain of the wood, it's natural beauty reflecting the same found in the crystal it supports. Allow the light of the Amegreen to bathe your space with the wisdom of Gaia, the serenity of connection, the confidence of knowing all that it is.
Purple Heart
This 13" circle of Purple Heart supports 15 pounds of beautifully reticulated Quartz.  The bottom of the stone is snowy quartz, breath of the White Dragon, and was formed before the disruption that left the covering of minerals to mark the passage of the upheaval.  After this period a time of clear quartz formation was experienced leaving a beautiful transparent protective coating through which the minerals are beautifully presented.  The Snowy Quartz transfers the LED lighting very effectively and particlarly in the dark, the beauty of this stone against the polished Purple Heart is apparent for all to enjoy.

​(the Rothschilds)

This particular piece of Poplar, weathered, misshapen, worm eaten and on the verge of decay begged to make a statement.  With a Carnelian stone embedded in a knot hole, perfectly located to represent the eye, this piece of tree branch has been transformed into a tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien's comentary in the, Hobbit, of the human condition in the 20th century, one that continues today. Smaug is the antagonist, the dragon that would dedicate it's existence to defending it's ill gotten gold, preventing the flow of wealth to all others at their expense, of course, but also at it's own.  Metaphorically, Tolkien's Smaug reflected the greed of humanity. This representative branch is supported by an unfinished steel bar, strong and effective, but not beautiful, like the institutions of our world that effectively keep the control of wealth and power in so few hands.  Set on a beautiful piece of solid polished walnut, the head lords over a smokey quartz with formations of mica very similiar to pyrite, fools gold, for it is the fool that thinks they are above the natural order, the flowing of energy as means to balancing that which is not.  The smokey quartz and mica metaphysically reprensent hope for the human condition, assitance that is provided by our mother Earth, for she is the source of all, and all reflects her support.  Smokey quartz absorbs and alleviates the symptoms created by fearful, negative energy, in this case the human fear that there is not enough.  The Mica aligns energies that are not, enhancing flexibility and the strength of character necessary for humanity to see past it's narrow definition of self.  All is in balance or seeking balance, regardless of it's temporary condition, and seeing the flow of nature is to be a part of it.

The name Selenite is from the Greek word, Selene, meaning moon. It is a type of gypsum and is renownded for it's ability to enhance mental clarity and decision making ability.  The moon is at it brightest in the dark, illuminating that which would otherwise not be seen, and the LED lighting in the eight inch solid cherry base supporting this 12 inch tower of Selenite brings the moon glow quality of Selenite out as no other lighting can.  Available on any type of wood base, Walnut, Sapele Mahogany, Purple Heart, Maple, Padauk, all of the wood bases are polished and finished with 100% natural Tung oil to preserve the finish but not reduce the natural vibration of the wood or crystals
This legendary Thunderbird was carved in the Haida tradition by Darren Nelson of Vancouver, B.C. in 1985.  Set in a block of cedar and carved from the same wood, the Thunderbird of myth lived secluded in the majestic cedar and hemlock forests of what is now coastal B.C. Protecting the forests from disturbance of man the Thunderbird was the both the defender of the forest and the emmisary between this world, the world of the dream, and the real world, the world humanity comes from at birth and goes back to in death.  Seen as the proctector, it was hoped that a life properly lived would prompt a visit from the Thunderbird at the end of a persons life, a visit that signalled it's intention to lead a persons soul back home.  The Amethyst too is seen as that crystal bridge betwen the two worlds of man, the physical and the spiritual.  Representing the human crown chakra, the Amethyst lends its reputation as the stone of protection to the strength of the Thunderbird totem, the two working in tandem to guide the human soul when the physical time to depart has come.   

Taking Flight

The Goshawk of Canada’s high Arctic, was carved by Jose Sala of Sanikiluaq, Nunavut.  Using the distinctive Argilite stone Mr. Sala has captured in a moment the Goshwak, as it prepares to take flight from the towering cliff perch it uses to both raise it’s young and search for prey across the panarama presented by the heights of the cliffs.  The stunning Snowy Quartz resembles the glaciers as they tumble back into the ocean, giving back the water that has been trapped inside for tens of thousands of years.  The Snowy Quartz is the feminine expression of quartz, and is associated with the crown chakra and Archangel Raphael.  It is programmable, conducting and amplifying the energy put into it and can aid during meditation clarity and focus of thought.  The wood base is made from aged Canadian Hemlock, 8" X 8" standing 2' high
Most Majestic
This piece of crystal weighs in at 110 pounds and is illuminated by 8' of full spectrum LED lighting set into the Canadian Hemlock Base.  Not only is it majestic but it is so very inviting and soothing for all that come into contact with it.  The Danburite and Smoky quartz crystal, by their very nature, absorb and transform negative and disruptive energies.  The Danburite, because it is one of the highest vibrating crystals known, is very effective in gently yet powerfully opening the crown chakra and then attunes this chakra with the heart chakra.  The Smoky quartz and it's affinity for the root chakra draws the energy made available from the crown and heart down through the body balancing the physical needs of the body with the spiritual potential of the human soul.  The Snowy quartz allows for the innocence and purity of the inner child to come to the fore, reminding us of the wonder that is all of our world, transmuting cynical and preconceived attitudes and the destructive  expectatiions that accompany them.  The clear quartz that supports this stone amplifies the positive energy it encourages, literally beckoning all who see it to please come and touch it and share its energy and presence.  
Smoky Quartz

The smoky colour of Smoky Quartz is a result of free silicon that is produced by the natural irradiation of silica dioxide, the chemical name of quartz crystal.  The free silicon available in the Smoky Quartz is reputedly responsible for the amazing 'grounding' effects of this stone.  Grounding is the process whereby negative or unharmonious vibration is absorbed and then transferred from a person into the ground to be safely disappaited, leaving the energetic space for positive higher vibration to come into us, both physically and spiritually.  It reputedly works to de-toxify the body as well as protects against radiation and electromagnetic interference from all electric devices, especially microwaves, televisions and computers.

This particular piece of Smoky is set on a base of polished Ash, approximately 6 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep. 

L'Orange et Blanc
The orange base is pure Padauk, an African hard wood sometimes called Vermillion.  The circle is 11 x 2 inches and just keeps becoming a deeper red as it ages.  It is supporting a beautiful