Located in the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta, Mystia Creations was initially a creative labor of love. Founder and designer, Phil Hammond recognized the potential of bringing even more life to crystals, with light.  Mystia Creations is dedicated to bringing the beauty and therapy of crystal quartz to the forefront of human awareness. 
Even without the knowledge of the power of quartz, it's captivating beauty is undeniable.  Married with LED lighting technology, wood and sometimes the sculptures available from the spirit of reverance of Canada's first nation peoples for all of nature and her unlimited expressions, Mystia Creations, is dedicated to bringing into living and working spaces the understanding of connectedness that is all of our world. From the elemental forces that have made possible our physical world to the sculpted expressions of both nature and humanity, Mystia Creations celebrates the wonder that is life by bringing that wonder to light.